What makes us unique…

Together we, proprietors, Red and Leigh Ramia, share this spectacular business with our three children Regan, Amanda and Minette and their families.

Given our combined wealth of travel and practical working experience , its fitting that each member of the family specialises in an appointed country or sphere of the business that matches their personal backgrounds and inspires a positive and rewarding future.

We have three businesses:
Red Ramia Trading, our retail homewares, furniture and architectural shop;
Café Fez, our Middle-Eastern café, and
Panoramia Villas, our luxury accommodation.

We are located in our home town Myrtleford, in the beautiful Ovens Valley, NE Victoria.
It is our mission to offer our customers a truly unique experience across each of our businesses. 
  • We are a destination in itself, and we aim to provide our customers and guests with an unforgettable experience on their visit or stay with us
  • We are actively adopting new green, eco and renewable practices within all 3 businesses and this will continue to become a bigger part of our business into the future
  • We travel the globe personally hand sourcing each of our products.
  • We largely import directly from our international suppliers.
  • We are ever evolving to meet the continual changes in the market
  • Customer service is very important to us and providing our customers, guests and diners with a truly welcoming, humble and unique adventure is our priority.

Meet our team…

Red Ramia

Proprietor Red Ramia, the mastermind behind the whole enterprise. He has spent many years evolving the business into the success story it is today. He focus’ on introducing new stock items of increased value and quality.
There’s simply no stopping the energetic heart and mind of Red and his desire to grow the business bigger, better and even more beautiful. He has truly built himself and his family an iconic Australian success story!

Leigh Ramia

Proprietor alongside husband Red, Leigh manages the office for the 3 family business’ within the company. She handles everything from accounts, invoicing, payroll etc. Leigh also organises the shipment of the stock from overseas back to Melbourne. She has the important role of liaising with international shipping agents to ensure containers and paperwork are within Australia’s strict import laws. Leigh a self-taught, modest woman. The mother hen, the caretaker, successful in her own right.

Regan Ramia

Regan, the eldest son, is the handy man of the family, and built the current Red Ramia premises. He also looks after sales, builds shop fittings, manages the plywood sector, controls the warehouse and stock distribution and manages a team of employees in Red Ramia Trading.
Regan has been a crucial part of the business from it’s humble beginnings almost 20 years ago.

Amanda Ramia

Amanda, the middle Ramia, is the cocktail and hospitality master of the family. Before opening Café Fez in 2008, Amanda already had 10 years experience managing prestigious bars, clubs and restaurants in Brisbane
Amanda’s specialty is very much the cutting edge of hospitality trends and operations. Amanda has an admirable passion for continually perfecting and reinventing the Café Fez experience, one that keeps customers coming back for more.

Minette Ramia

Minette, the youngest Ramia, spent two-and-a-half years living in Beijing before she moved back to Myrtleford in 2008 to join her sister in opening Café Fez.
Since then she has learned the financial and import sectors from her mother Leigh and together they manage the office for the 3 businesses.
With a diploma in tourism management Minette also manages the accommodation sector, Panoramia Villas.
Having completed her studies in yoga Minette now teaches classes at the Panoramia Villas retreat.

Our History/Our Evolution

Red Ramia Trading was born, The beginning of the whole success story.
First buying trip to China.
The construction of the new massive purpose built showroom was opened on site to fit the needs of the expanding business 
First buying trip to Morocco..
The new ply shed was built on site to meet the demands of this growing sector within the business. 
The opening of Cafe Fez Myrtleford.

First buying trip to India. Warehouse purchased in the industrial estate to house our stock. Now we can unload containers and ship from here.

Grand opening of a new business within the company, Panoramia Villas. Seeing an opening in the market and a lack of offering within the region the opening of a new accommodation experience in Myrtleford. Our 2 1-bedroom villas Jodhpur and Marrakesh were opened and a success story from the beginning.
Last buying trip to China, no longer a viable market due to high US$ and changing trends. 
The next phase of Panoramia Villas. The opening of our 2 2-bedroom villas Peking and Kyoto.
The launch of our new e-store. First buying trip to Singapore, acquiring new supplier the rug republic. Building of yoga studio on site at Panoramia Villas.

Installation of solar panels for all villas and residential house. Moving towards greener energy and sustainability. 

Opening of mina yoga studio and offering classes.


First buying trip to Japan. While we have offered Japanese products since our beginning, working alongside our sister company, this is the launch of importing our own containers.

Truck purchase for stock transport, ply wood and deliveries.

Our Businesses:-

Red Ramia Trading

An impressive globe trotter’s emporium specialising in furniture, homewares, gifts, pottery, architectural and garden design, and locally made ply wood seconds a truly unique shopping experience. The world of Red Ramia Trading awaits you..

Cafe Fez – Myrtleford

A Middle-Eastern delight, in the heart of Myrtleford. Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and Friday nights for dinner & banquets. Fully licensed featuring a 100-mile long wine list and an extensive and impressive cocktail list. Cafe Fez presents a unique atmosphere – a bazaar of twinkling Moroccan lanterns, silver teapots and colourful cushions.

Panoramia Villas

Luxury accommodation villas in the heart of the ovens valley offering second to none quality and majestic panoramic views of the ovens valley.

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Keith Russell · October 21, 2020 at 12:07 pm

Can’t wait to come back and have a meal and the best Coffee I’ve ever tasted.

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