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Perfect as a footstool or extra seating, our fabulous ‘ Beacon’ pouf is at home in any room of the house. The pouf is not only comfortable as a seat but also has a unique aesthetic appeal. This piece is tightly stuffed to hold its round shape and the sturdy Sheep hide contributes to its beauty and stability.

Size: 50cm X 50cm X 35cm.         Colour: Ash         Fibre: Sheep Hide

The Rug Republic is a socially responsible, eco-friendly company. We import direct from India.

Hand Made
Soft Touch
Intricate Workmanship
Ultra Modern

1. Use soft hand brush to clean.
2. A natural smell of leather may be felt in a new Pouf which is non hazardous.
3. Light Vacuum clean regularly. Avoid using beater brush on Pouf.
4. Remove spills immediately. Blot any liquid with a clean cloth or a paper napkin.
5. Please do not pull loose ends if any. Trim with scissors.
6. Please keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, open fire places and excess moisture.
7. Please do not soak the Pouf in any liquid.
8. For initial weeks, shedding of material fiber may be observed. This is normal, and will reduce with time & usage.
9. Colors may fade slightly when placed in areas of direct sunlight. In this case, it is advisable to periodically rotate your Pouf to ensure this process is even.

Pouf with EPS “Beans” as filler:
Minor settling of EPS beans and air gaps is natural in due course of use for Pouf. A slight change in shape therefore, is normal and does not alter the performance of the article.

STORAGE:- Make sure the Pouf is clean and dry. Store in a ventilated, dry area. Keep in a polytube


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Dimensions55 × 55 × 40 cm

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