Fire Pit Medium 760mm – 990mm $250 – $500

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Our signature Fire Pits are made from recycled materials. Originally used as cooking pots in India, made out of plate steel recycled from old ships.

Medium Fire Pits range from 760mm Diameter to 990mm Diameter and individually priced based on weight approximately $250- $500

We have a large stock of fire pits ranging from extra-small to extra large. All our fire pits are unique in nature with different weights, diameters and depths.

These products can also been used as garden ponds and fish ponds.

Pricing is based on weight:

Fire Pits Smaller than 1200mm Diameter are priced at $13 per kilo

Fire Pits Larger than 1200mm Diameter are priced at $10 per kilo

*Stands are sold separately*

Shipping can be arranged, please contact us for further details of what’s in stock and for shipping costs.

Red Ramia Trading

03 5752 1944

[email protected]


Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions83 × 83 × 75 cm

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