Wooden Kanji fishing floats $5 Single/ $50 String

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Antique wooden Kanji fishing floats from Japan.

These predate the better known glass floats, dating from before WW2.
These authentic kanji-branded wooden markers were originally used as top net floats on a gill net in deep sea fishing. They were also used at the Japanese port fish auctions to sit on the baskets of fish to mark the fisherman’s haul. Once the basket of fish had been purchased, the marker was placed in the slot denoting the amount at which the day’s catch had sold. At the end of the sale, payout was based on these markers and then returned to the fishing vessels to be used again for the next day’s catch.
They make an interesting decorator item but could be used for a multitude of functions limited only by your imagination.

Each one is individual with different wear patterns so some variation between pieces.

Single Floats $5 various light to dark colours 27 to 37cm long

Strings of Floats $50 comes with 7 floats.

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Additional information

Weight.15 kg
Dimensions27 × 20 × 11 cm

Light, Dark, String